Tuesday, December 17, 2013

before i start doing my slide i want to post this..

i buy this ..cant wait to received it..huahuahua.. from instagram @upluck

Friday, January 25, 2013

short update :))

well well well here i'am once again for the first 2013 post in this blog :))

actually my holiday is coming to end soon and i'am totally sad, lazy and more Mix feelings :)))

so how do i spend my holiday? haha K-drama semestinya and others things too :))

so Again and Again thank's for following my blog and sorry for not update my blog..

until then bye xoxo

Monday, April 30, 2012

when the night is dark
when the morning is light
i'll be with u no matter what.

sorry for not updating my blog for ages. totally as a student there's so many assgment to do.
and thank's for still following me..xoxo

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

happy happy happy

good morning everyone!! well to tell u the truth i'am so3x demm happy...why? mana bleh kesitaw
biarlah it's secret! hahahahah and it's feb? so mesti semua org tengah mengelamun about their valentine days! me? wohoooo belum ada di silap ada sudah di hati tapi belum ada di dunia nyata!!

i've many crush with many man..tapi sekejap jak nda lama jadi nda lah tue kan saya mau p betegur2x sama diorang..haha..mesti my housemate semua valentine valentine valentine malas lah saya mau campur well hello jaga tepi tengah depan kain sendiri okey..hahah

bye..malas nak update nak maen game..

Friday, January 20, 2012

sangat lama ;(

well hye blogger-blogger and reader are u? me? i'am just fine and happy with all the yummy food beside me and the most awesome is i'm HOLIDAY okey repeat sekali lagi CUTI hahaha..kepada budak-budak sekolah jangan jeles...okey back to my main entry!! apa yang sangat lama? nak tahu?  lama tak UPDATE!
kenapa? sebab MALAS kot or ada BLOG KEDUA?? hahah..i'll keep the reason for myself..

okey memandangkan masih bulan januari 2012 jadi dengan sesuka hati, saya mau kesitaw kamu saya punya azam yang macam teda perkembangan..hurmmmm the first one is rahsia hehhehe..yang kedua secret yang ketiga, eh kamu niee penyibuk lah..hahah

what's ur new year resolution? SHARING IS CARING..

happy happy happy HO HO ho HOLIDAY ;)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

aizatborneotour (Sabah)

hey blogger..i think it's like a decade(walaupun beminggu2x jak) i don't update my blog. So here i'am giving u the best feeling for the first time going to the concert live at KDCA PENAMPANG SABAH.
i'am very excited about the concert eventhought it's allread happened past 8 days from now.

The concert is 22july2011..and it's awesome guys!! i'am so excited that time lompat2x lah but i've taken a picture and video more heheheh!! thank's Aizat and the crew for making my day and other's..before i forget the artist that came that night are DJFUZZ,ALTIMET,AMIR JAHARI(AF9) and JIMMY PALIKAT (sabahsinger) and dun't forget bout the cutest Guys Farish as the PENGACARA at time..and and Aizt big bro Anas my friend's say he's cute ..heheh so i upload a few pic for u to see and be jelous with me(hahha kidding)

enjoy the Picture

FARISH(his shoes kaler pink)

Jimmy Palikat (his song Tanak Kampung) superb

Amir Jahari(af9) his voice awesome dude

Aizat (awesome)


                                                          Anas and his friend


                                                               Aizat(cute t-shirt)
                                                            Aizat(sing together)

                      The lucky crowd                                 

                   The ending performance merangkap the best and enjoying moments

 THE crowd

anggaran 2500 fan pergi tengo konsert nie i tak taw pun banyak camtue bab saya kat depan hahah

Thursday, June 2, 2011

i'am messing up ;)

hey morning guys can't wait for the holiday hope it will be fun =)

hurmm i'am messing up your guys yang add my facebook..

hurmm sorry i'VE DELETED you..hurmm kan kita tak kenal ;)

for sure yang nak add saya kat facebook sudi2x lah yer =)

dun worry guys kalo nak add sertakan mesej so i will notice your guys adalah seorang BLOGGER =)